Soft Slope

by Perpetual Heat



released May 17, 2012

Recorded by Perpetual Heat at IFM.
Mastered by Bill Henderson at Azimuth Mastering.
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Track Name: Oh, Broken Beast
We could sit awhile, see it against the light
I like the weather, I like the time tonight
You, my love, a shape I can recognize
And if I've fallen down, it's the right light, it's the right light

My dead friends, a smile and a memory
In the change we resist
We cut cost and we blend in
But it's a surface skim, thinner than skin
But thick enough to hide our loss


Give up, get high
Rise up, catch the light
Falling down the sides
Cover your substance with style

It's true I could've lied
I can't hold and write our time down
All our life in lines
Follow around my guiding light
I bought your rights
It's all undefined
Shot down, fall and break our lives out
Track Name: There's no Subtlety to the French Anymore
Share the old, remedies
All our slates, blank again
Bloody means but I don't mind a little death

Falling down but we can build another life
Farther down the line
Fire consuming our old lives
But it's alright just let 'em die
A small sacrifice

Ran my hand down your cheek
Try to sleep Broken Beast

Sing so slow and bring your lovers near
There are no more rivers here
The weakest ones will bleed you dry
But we're so small and weightless
So when you fall just crush us


Wait, find another way, to do it
Track Name: Birth is the Hard Loss
It takes more than this to get by...
Track Name: Between the Light and the Water
I know that the intent was never there to bend the corners
But I know that we can both agree
That it was for the best
And we can realize the damage was pretty minor after all